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New think tank
for a wellbeing economy

Call for a danish wellbeing economy

71 academics and 31 NGOs have signed WELA's call for a wellbeing economy i Denmark,
Published in Politiken on 26/4 - 2024.

Read our launch article (Danish)

Good lives for current and future generations
the planetary boundaries.

WELA is an independent think tank that works for the transition to a wellbeing economy, where progress is assessed in the ability to create good lives for everyone - within the planetary boundaries.

Our solutions are crafted around three core principles, underpinned by a foundational approach that embraces new economic thinking, systemic transformation, and co-creation.

Advisory board

WELA is advised by leading experts in the field of
new economic thinking and system change


Prof. Inge

Denmark's first professor in ecological economics (Institute for Planning at
Aalborg University).


Prof. Katherine Richardson

Professor of biological oceanography and head of the Sustainability Science Center at the University of Copenhagen. Co-author of the famous concept of planetary boundaries.


Prof. Peter
Birch Sorensen

Economist and professor at the University of Copenhagen. Former "Overvismand" (2004-2009) and Chairman of the Climate Council (2014-18)

Screenshot 2024-02-25 at 12.23.03.png


Chair of NIFG (Network of Institutions for Future Generations) and first Futures Commissioner for Wales (2016-2023).


Prof. Jayati

Professor of Development Economics at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and lead author of "Earth4All".



Co-Founder, Executive Director and Chief Economist at the think tank ZOE.

Denmark has the potential
to inspire the rest of the world

"The world urgently needs to transform its economy to one that better meets the needs of people and which protects the planet. Denmark has the potential to inspire the rest of the world by demonstrating what is possible. I am proud to be a part of WELA: it is the right initiative at the right time, and will help drive the change which is so very necessary, in Denmark and beyond"

Skærmbillede 2024-02-26 kl. 06.36.37.png

Katherine Trebeck

Board member, WELA
Co-founder of the WEALL alliance and instigator of WEGo.

We are part of WEALL Denmark

WEAll DK is a network of actors across society who work to promote a wellbeing economy in Denmark. We see well-being economics as a positive social vision and framework for solutions that address the connected crises within, among other things, climate, biodiversity, social cohesion and psychological unhappiness. 

The network is self-organised and focuses on knowledge sharing, collaboration and joint initiatives. As the official Danish hub for the global Wellbeing Economy Alliance, WEAll DK acts as a bridge builder between Danish and international perspectives.

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